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When a notorious assassin hand delivers himself over to her in a busy bar days after Christmas, Peyton Adam's whole life is turned upside down, and nothing she believed would ever be the same again.

Why her? She was only an analyst for a law enforcement unit, with no field experience.

Yet Declan Foster wanted only her. Or he walked.

Already at a disadvantage in the presence of the charismatic killer, getting caught in a snowstorm on her way to the airport so she could deliver her unexpected prisoner to her boss means Peyton now has to take shelter in a resort close by.

With him.

Declan Foster watched her for eight long years. Intimately. He knew everything there was to know about her. The sound of her breathing. The scent of her perfume. The softness of her skin.

And now he was going to claim his beautiful obsession.

Please read CW in the sample.

This book was previously published in the Snowbound anthology. It has since been extensively rewritten with extra scenes.

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